From automating monotonous activities to performing sophisticated and precise procedures, industrial robots have completely changed the way manufacturing and production processes are carried out in various industries. They are much more adaptable and efficient as technology advances, as their capabilities are constantly increasing. This article describes the 5 most important industrial robots to know about in 2023, as well as their benefits, advantages and uses in various sectors. This article is aimed at anyone interested in the latest developments in industrial automation, whether they are entrepreneurs, engineers or simply interested in the subject.

Industrial robot KUKA KR 3 AGILUS
The KR 3 AGILUS is a small, lightweight robot that fits into the KUKA 3 kg category for improving production. Its 3 kg 14 m capacity makes it ideal for small automation cells, tiny components and products manufactured in extremely restricted locations. It has a small footprint, an internal power supply, shielded arm connectors, fewer interfering contours, maximum flexibility and precision, and a flexible genius for precise work. It is the perfect choice for the electronics industry as it is also cost-effective, requires little maintenance and has high reliability.

ABB IRB 1100 industrial robot
The IRB 1100 is the smallest and fastest robot ever, saving up to 10% space while offering 35% more productivity for high quality production. For a smaller footprint, it takes up 10% less space and has a weight reduction of more than 20%. Multiple robots can be deployed at the same time for collaborative automation activities thanks to its compact size, providing more flexible handling for heavy-duty tasks with complicated tooling/end-effectors. It is perfect for applications requiring fast assembly, pick-and-place and material handling, as it works with ABB’s innovative OmniCore E10 ultra-slim, C30 compact and C90XT rugged compact controllers. It is built to meet IP67 to IEC 60529 and comes with IP40 as standard and IP67 as an option.

FANUC R-2000iD Industrial Robot
The Fanuc R-2000iD robot arm is an enhancement of the R-2000 series of hollow arm robots. It features optimised integration of the J1-J6 cables into the robot arm and wrist, and its design has openings along the arm for individual cable replacement. It also provides compatibility through a support flange. This Fanuc innovation brings advantages from reducing voltage and avoiding interference with system equipment, harmonising performance with a footprint that saves space and maintenance costs, and as an added benefit, facilitates the accuracy of offline simulations, increasing the reliability of the control model. It comes in two models with a maximum payload of 165 kg and a maximum reach of 2605 mm.

Fanuc CRX Collaborative Robot
Fanuc expands the CRX series to 11 cobots with payload capacities from 4 to 35 kg with the introduction of the CRX-5iA, CRX-20iA/L and CRX-25iA robots. For companies wishing to use cobots to automate their lines, the five CRX models and the CR series (green cobots) offer a wide range of options. CRX robots are a reliable, safe, easy-to-use and adaptable solution for a wide range of applications. They can detect external pressures in the working environment and stop when they come into contact with a person or object. They are splash resistant. They are perfectly suited to industrial situations, are lightweight and require no maintenance for the first eight years. Interactive programming allows motion sequences to be captured. The system and programming tablet provide a graphical and user-friendly interface.

Universal Robots UR10e Collaborative Robot
Universal Robots has launched the new UR10e, an upgraded palletising robot with an increased payload capacity of 12.5 kg. The robot retains the original design’s size, intuitive programming experience, precision and accuracy, commitment to quality and reliable performance and is more adaptable for different material handling jobs and can be used in palletising applications with up to 10 kg cases and a 2.5 kg gripper. The increased payload takes more weight off operators’ hands and shoulders, improving ergonomics and working conditions. The UR10e also offers plug-and-play compatibility with Universal Robots’ UR+ ecosystem of hardware and software peripherals, ensuring users can get started with collaborative applications quickly and easily.

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