ABB: The New Security Solution

ABB continues to innovate with the new SafeMove2 security software with enhanced safety features, such as: speed safety limits, safe stand-still monitoring, safe axis and position ranges and orientation of supervision. These features are integrated into the robot’s control cabinet. It also facilitates interaction between the operator and the robot. This new software has security sensors that can detect the operator and therefore control supervision and monitor speed in the presence of the operator. It is efficient in increasing speed, restarting activities in the production line, and has a faster and more flexible system configuration.

Industrial robotics is quickly advancing and is forcing the industry to innovate their production lines. ABB is one of the brands that offers this type of technology, such as the SafeMove2, that helps to integrate with the new technologies by providing solutions.

The Usedrobotstrade company is at the forefront of new technologies, providing us with low-cost solutions, consulting, spare parts and refurbished industrial robots from the most reputable brands that respond to client demands.


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