The 4th Industrial Revolution is Near

The fourth industrial revolution is approaching and is a subject of concern to many entrepreneurs, especially Latin Americans. This type of revolution will cause such an impact that companies that are not currently branching out into new technologies and innovating their production lines may disappear in the medium-turn, and there is a great deal of concern surrounding this fast-moving technology as they don’t know whether or not they can adapt.

The truth is that implementing new robotic technologies in the industries will increase the efficiency of production lines, quality and control over the products.

One question is: Is Latin America ready for this industrial revolution? We don’t know, although what we can say is that with the new technologies, internet, industrial robotics etc., it could be a great opportunity for us to prepare ourselves, evolve and become companies as competitive as those of the United States and Europe where our productivity would be improved and we would generate new business opportunities. This is how we should deal with this issue of the fourth industrial revolution, as an opportunity to improve our processes and productivity in most of our industries such as the automotive, medical, agricultural and technological.

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