The basic ingredient of industrial automation is a good handling robot or robotic arm. This robotic arm can perform movements similar to that of a human arm, executing manual tasks. Initially they were used for processes involving biohazardous, radioactive materials or in order to access inaccessible spaces. A chain of modular pieces creates a handling arm that is capable of moving objects within certain degrees of freedom. This equipment is accompanied by a control cabinet and a learning console.

In reality, there is still no clear concept of what a handling or industrial robot means. However, the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) offers us this definition:

“Industrial handling robot refers to an automatic, reprogrammable and multifunctional handling machine, with three or more axes that can position and orient materials, parts, tools or special devices for the execution of various jobs in the different stages of industrial production, either in a fixed position or in movement.”

With a country’s development and the robotic advances in the industrial sector, not only has the industry’s continuous performance improved, but it has also lead to advantages in terms of the price of the robot, which are now safer, easier to program and install, resulting in a decrease in costs and an increase in demand.

The price of industrial robots has dropped more than 25 percent since 2014, and it is expected to fall by an additional 22 percent by 2025. By purchasing a used or reconditioned robot or robotic system, you can reduce this price by up to 50 percent. With the proper configuration and control, robotic solutions can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The profitability of a robotic system is obtained thanks to the advantages they offer for processes carried out at high or low temperatures. Efficiency is optimized as a result of the correct supervision and maintenance, without a time limit, a minimum margin of error, performing high-risk tasks and improving work in terms of space and distance.

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