Higher Paying Jobs – How Robots Will Pave This Way

Skynet will not take over the world and robots will not take your jobs! Rather they will provide you with new ways to find better income. Many people think that innovation in technology and use of robots directly leads to people losing their jobs. But have you ever thought of it the other way around?

Learn from history

The Industrial Revolution in the 17th century inevitably lead to fewer jobs in the agricultural field. However, it also lead to the invention of tractors and harvesters. These developments not only increased the yield of the field but also eased the working conditions for farmers. Innovation of fertilizer seeds and better pesticides inevitably created more diverse and different jobs in the agricultural field. These are now called the food and nutrition department in our agricultural sector. These improvements in technology not only fed hungry people but ultimately led to the end of famines in Western Europe.

Innovation can be fearful for some people. They might be led to believe that they would lose their source of income or business. But as history has shown us, better technology not only produces new jobs and employment opportunities, it also gives people high income. The creation of railroads led to creation of the wholesale and retail sectors.


Robots create new jobs

In a similar manner, do not blame robots for taking away jobs; rather praise them for creating new opportunities for employment in diverse fields. Like a living organ, Amazon is the best example. By hiring robots and using new innovative technology like drones for supplying their products, they increased their human work force by double figures (50%) in the year 2016. This is a perfect example of how in the new age, robots and humans will work together simultaneously.

Research and development lead to new jobs along with higher incomes.

Robots, just like the industrial revolution, ships, cars, airplanes and the internet are nothing to be scared off. They won’t take away your already hard earned jobs; rather they will make life easier. There were many benefits of the industrial revolution especially in the creation of new sources of wealth and making Europeans and Americans richer.

With the invention of the internet and companies like Google and Facebook, they have contributed to providing employment to more than 89,000 people. This could not have been possible without the existence of internet.

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