How Companies Are Benefiting from Robotic Automation

Robots being integrated into the workforce seemed like a futuristic idea at one point, but robotic automation is happening right now, with robot sales increasing by 31 percent worldwide; the USA, China, and Germany being the largest market for industrial robots.

So why do businesses want to add automated labor to their workforce? Let’s find out.

Decreased company costs

Let’s face it, human labor costs more than a robotic team — but this isn’t bad news for human workers. Robots eliminate the need for humans to perform predictable, dangerous, and repetitive tasks. This leaves room for employee growth in tasks that involve decision-making and creativity.

This significant reduction in costs is a result of work being completed faster and at a lower rate round-the-clock; your bottom line benefits with greater output and fewer expenses!

Accurate and quality work — higher throughput

Human actions are error-prone and the more employees performing essential tasks, the more the chances of these problems costing you a great deal. With robotic automated work, companies are looking at higher customer satisfaction and ultimately, increased profitability.

Robotic workers are programmed to execute tasks precisely with minimal errors. This translates into less wasted production material and higher quality products.

Uninterrupted workflow — driving process improvement

Robotic automation unleashes the possibility of continuous 24/7 production. This takes human mistakes out of the equation and results in reduced operational risk overall, leading to a fast production turnaround combined with low costs.

An automation project is first analyzed to see if it has the potential to benefit from it; the process is then streamlined and later automated. Since robots are ideal for duplicating tasks with no distinguishable variability, companies can ensure consistency in work processes.

Performance of complex tasks

Scientists have developed robots that can mimic human gait, so it’s safe to say that they have the ability to perform complex tasks. With an advanced robot workforce, companies don’t need to hire specialized employees.

The adoption of robotic automation delivers quick returns — the faster workflows are automated, the sooner organizations can begin reaping its benefits. Plus, without the need of outsourcing work processes, they’re able to maintain maximum control, possession and visibility.

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