At the last Advanced Factories 2019 congress held in Barcelona, the world leader in the manufacture and application of KUKA robotic technology presented the latest innovations for Industry 4.0 in the different robotic systems, with the aim of optimizing the predictability and behavior of robots.

Kuka presented a variety of industrial and collaborative robots, showing off their newest advances and opening the doors to new robot/human work opportunities, while meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0 and modern production challenges. One of the collaborative industrial robots presented by Kuka was the LBR iiwa, which is part of the Human Robot Collaboration (HRC) series.

LBR stands for “Leichtbauroboter” (German for lightweight robot), and iiwa means “intelligent industrial work assistant”. It was designed with high sensory capacity, providing greater flexibility and precision, and offering a payload of 7 and 14 kg and a range of 800-820 mm.

The LBR iiwa has a lightweight, compact and highly mobile design that, with joint torque sensors integrated in all axes, achieves precise movements that cause it to quickly react to contact with humans or objects. These also allow for an installation without safety fences, establishing safety limits and speed control, and it has force control when handling delicate parts, facilitating its integration into production lines and making it favorable in highly flexible processes with continuous changes such as parts handling, palletizing, measurement and testing, assembly, placement, machining and injection molding, among others. It also has different mounting positions on the wall, ceiling or floor.

The independence of the LBR iiwa robot is also due to the KUKA Sunrise Cabinet multifunction controller that provides a quick start-up of the system, even in complex processes, allowing for an easy operation of the robot and the productive environment where the robot will safely and independently carry out heavy, routine tasks.

In addition to marking a new era in collaborative robots, it opens up the possibility of innovating in industrial processes, making them safer and more sustainable, working in the same productive space with human-robot cooperation.

With the arrival of this advanced robot, companies will find new ways of using their productive area and their industrial processes will even be carried out with a different approach, achieving shorter time cycles, space savings, minimum investments in security systems, cost-effective automation, greater profitability and efficiency, satisfying the productive needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The development of these sensitive industrial robots looks to simplify the tasks and installations of the production lines of the future, without the need for protected spaces, with a robot that interacts with the human labor in a space without protection, handling delicate pieces, creating well-being for the workers, streamlining development cycles and, in turn, optimizing the automation system in order to increase productivity and quality.

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