Myths about Used Robots – Debunked


“Don’t buy a used robot for your company; it is bound to have technical faults!”

“They wouldn’t sell it if it were functioning right.”

More often than not, you get to hear these comments when you tell someone you are planning to buy a used robot. Well, don’t believe everything you hear! In this blog, we will debunk a few myths associated with used robots. Read on to find out what they are!

Used robots are outdated, slow, and less accurate than newer models

It is common knowledge in the mechanical world that robots have changed very little during the past ten years. Thus, for most industrial applications, the accuracy, strength, and speed of used robots is very similar to the newer models. When it comes to life span of a fully reconditioned robot, it functions well for nine to thirteen years, as compared to the fifteen years of a new one.

Used robots are more difficult to program

There has been no dramatic change in the programming during the last fifteen years. Even though there has been a wave of latest innovation in the field of software engineering, the tools and processes are still the same. Programmers and technicians still use the same tech pendants and robot charts to set up an application. Thus, old and new robots have similar easy to use interfaces.

Parts are harder to find

It may come as a surprise for many, but the parts for used robots are more easily available than the parts for new robots. Many of the used robotic parts have been in the market for more than twenty years.

Warranties are not available for used robots

Many of the eminent robotics companies offer complete warranty for both new and used robots. This warranty extends to all parts and services pertaining to robotics. So be assured that you will have the same security when it comes to used robots when you deal with UsedRobotsTrade.

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