Tips for Robots Refurbishment

Robots Refurbishment
Does your old robot need care and maintenance? UsedRobotsTrade can help!

Refurbished robots work and look a lot better. They also don’t cause any hindrance in the mechanical processes, and ensure that the job is done effectively. Due to this reason, most robot owners make sure that they get their robots duly renovated and refurbished. In this regard, the robotic restorative and optimization services offered at UsedRobotsTrade include a thorough cleaning of the parts, targeted repairing and replacement of faulty ones, and re-painting of parts as well; all of which is performed by trained technicians.

Let us shed some light on what actually happens behind the curtains when it comes to robot repair and restoration!

Standard Process

At UsedRobotsTrade, we understand the delicacy of our job. This is why we have developed a standard process through which each robot has to pass in order to make sure that all the concerns are duly addressed. If you want a complete mechanical and electrical revision of your robots under the supervision of specialized technicians, then UsedRobotsTrade is the solution to your problems.

Control Cabinet

In the control cabinet, we scrutinize the robots and analyze which surfaces and components are in need of a touch up. We start by checking the filters and the battery, and make sure that there are no leakages. Most of the times, the cable functioning is haywire, so we ensure that this problem is rooted out before we proceed further with robot configuration and tech pendant screen inspection.

Robot Arm Unit

After the initial inspection, we dive into the detailed analysis of the robot arm unit. We start by replacing the oil and making sure that the arm is well-greased for ease of movement. Afterwards, we check for any malfunctions in the wrist, and ensure that the motor axes are operating perfectly. Lastly, our highly experienced team removes the dirt with special machines and products, and re-paints the arm with the original paint. The robot is good to go after we are done checking all the connectors and belts.

At UsedRobotsTrade, you can trust our experience and expertise with your robots. Our exceptional customer services have turned many of our clients into our partners, because we are always looking for the best solution to your problem when it comes to robotics. To learn more about our services, please click here.

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