Rework The Auto: Business Benefits of Used Robots

Industrial robotic use is a major evolution in the way manufacturing companies conduct their day-to-day applications.

However, the step towards employing robots can be quite off-putting for most business owners in terms of expense. But if you allow your company to not benefit from the working possibilities of a robot, you are signing off on the way the production industry operates today.

Robots are considered to be hefty capital investments. Between startup, resources and labor, core business finances are distributed, leaving little room for “ultra purchases”.

Fortunately for you, your cost-saving concerns can be addressed effectively through used robots.

Why Buy A Used Robot?

The question is: why would you need to deploy a used robot in your company? Possible reasons include:

  • Start using one to assist manual work, or support an existing robotic application
  • Purchase additional equipment which are necessary inductions in the robot’s work cell
  • Additional alteration time and cost to refurbish robots
  • The software installed in the robot’s system
  • The financial risk factor of new high-investments, and obtaining extended warranty
  • Whether or not the purchase, restoration and application of the used robot is actually going to contribute towards financial savings

Keep in mind that whether you deploy a new or used robot, it has to be registered in your company’s name.

Benefits to Your Business

A used robot typically comes at 40%–60% cost of the original robot. This gives you the opportunity to gain from cost-value balance without any drawbacks in performance.

Besides allowing you to practice cost-effective operations, used robots can be quite impactful in other ways.

These are just as useful in a range of industrial tasks as their original counterparts. Medical practices, company production lines, and inventory organization—a used robot is an efficient form of aid in diminishing work errors, and managing time.

Apart from physical renovations, you can also get your robot’s application software upgraded to enhance functionality, though this may require some additional fee. If you are able to get an extended warranty for your robot, it will cover any operational damages.

The Bottom Line

Business owners are not only daunted by the idea of including any used equipment in their operations, but when it comes to used robots, this particular piece of equipment can be difficult to come by.

UsedRobotsTrade aims to eradicate these problems for any professional seeking robots on sale.

We offer a catalog encompassing an extensive range of used robots for industrial application, as well as refurbishment expertise.

Reach out to us for any queries about our robots and optimization services.

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