There is a growing need to find automation solutions that adapt quickly and flexibly to market changes.

In many cases, the efficient use of space in the factory is paramount, especially in small parts assembly, material handling or testing processes.

Kuka has integrated into its wide portfolio of robots a model that meets the above requirements and even more. KUKA’s new KR SCARA articulated arm is strong, fast, highly efficient.

This model is a great helper providing reliability in industrial production, and they apply their best skills to verification, small part assembly or material handling tasks. The KUKA SCARA robot is unmatched in the payload category with a weight of up to 6 kg.

The KUKA SCARA robot has a slim, ultra-compact design with a minimal footprint and low weight that has an internal supply of air, energy and data media that make the robot safe from start-up and during the process, in addition to simple and intelligent use with the ability to adapt to various tasks. and easy integration in small work cells.

Even in a cost-sensitive market, KR SCARA robots can make automation easier and more economically sustainable. KUKA has smart features that can provide you with an attractive overall package on the same product level: light and thin, with a 6kg payload capacity, but the speed is very powerful.

KUKA KR SCARA robots are extremely efficient handling shorter cycle times of just 0.36 or 0.38 seconds. Its reach capacity is 500 or 700 millimetres

This model works under parameters of low maintenance, low energy consumption and
Low investment costs.
KUKA in addition to providing safe and reliable robotic equipment, also provides an innovative KR C5 micro control system that provides maximum performance, connectivity and flexibility in space.
and of course international certified quality according to the EU standard for high safety in the work environment.

KR SCARAs from start-up provides efficiency and profitability with a high level of productivity fostering automation in low-cost markets.


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