End users want implementation procedures to be more agile and adaptable in order to respond to delivery times and the particularities of each company. IMASD engineering has proposed a collaborative approach to meet the palletisation demands of the industry.

IMASD’s CERES palletising cell is adaptable to any industry or type of company and is characterised by a simple installation and configuration process. It is based on Yaskawa’s HC-series collaborative robots and is designed to be durable and reliable when working non-stop in an industrial environment. The flexibility of the new production processes to adapt to changing conditions, as well as its speed and simplicity of implementation, are the main qualities to be considered.

For more than 26 years, the company IMASD, specialised in industrial robotics and automation of industrial processes, has contributed to the technical progress of the sector. They have always based the design of their solutions on the specific needs of their customers, both for the present and for the future, being aware of the expectations of the industry.

A striking illustration of IMASD’s dedication to innovation, creativity and the use of cutting-edge technology in the creation of its solutions is the company’s new CERES palletising cell. Automation has historically been a disadvantage for small and medium-sized companies, due to the significant initial investment and maintenance costs.

Technological advances such as collaborative robotics, cobots and IMASDs have driven the development of tools such as CERES, which are designed to operate in small spaces. In the case of the CERES palletising cell, it requires a smaller initial investment, is easier to install and configure, and has been developed to offer competitive advantages to companies of all sizes and sectors.

Yaskawa motors are known for their durability, reliability and high operating efficiency, as well as their ease of installation and design. CERES is a robust industrial device that can survive many duty cycles without wear, electromagnetic noise, cleaning regimes, vibration, temperature extremes, etc.

Yaskawa offers three HC (Human Collaborative) solutions: HC10DTP, HC20DTP and HC30PL, with load capacities of up to 10, 20 and 30 kg, respectively. They are developed to meet the individual demands of each company or industry sector and can provide operator safety without the need for additional protective measures, saving space and money.

CERES is a versatile and adaptable palletiser that can be easily integrated into any existing end-of-line system. It includes a comprehensive and easy-to-use software package that allows the user to be completely independent, allowing them to develop new formats, customise mosaics and set safety perimeters. It is easy, simple and capable of managing 100% of the palletiser both now and in the future without relying on technical support.

Palletising different types of items, from boxes to drums to crates and even wrapped trays, is possible using IMASD’s CERES accessories. The solution is durable and reliable, making it suitable for a wide range of industries.

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