Other Robots COMAU SMART 5 NM ARC con Fronius TPS4000

Robot details

This Robot COMAU Smart5 NM Arc is a 6 axis robot for arc welding and is equipped with the latest C5G controller. It is a robot with a medium load on the wrist, 16 kg, and has a good extension: 3100mm. This robot has the passage of internal cables to the wrist of the welder and offers a lot of versatility in its use due to its extension.

Robot applications

General technical specifications:
Maximum load of the robot: 16 kg
Maximum capacity: 3100 mm
Repeatability in position: 0.05 mm
Controller: C5G

Movement speed of the robot in º / s
Axis 1: 170º / s
Axis 2: 175º / s
Axis 3: 185º / s
Axis 4: 360º / s
Axis 5: 375º / s
Axis 6: 550º / s

Movement range (Axis 1 to 6)
Axis 1: +/- 180º
Axis 2: from + 155º to -60º
Axis 3: from + 110º to -170º
Axis 4: +/- 185º
Axis 5: +/- 123º
Axis 6: +/- 270º

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