Robot details

The Fanuc M710iW is similar to the M-710i and both of them are created in a way that enables them to share components. This makes it easy to access spare parts, service and training.  The costs are minimized and the hassle to maintain these robots is minimized.  The two robots are slim with small footprints and can be used in congested areas. To work efficiently, they can be mounted either on the wall or floor.  The M-710i works better with inverted mounting.

The M710iW robot offers very fast motion and has rapid smooth acceleration or deceleration.  The time cycle is short and supported by the introduction of advanced technology control of motion.  This includes turbo move and control of vibration. The robot is water proof and has severe dust protection package. 

Robot applications

   Robot Info:

  • Axes: 6
  • Payload: 70 kg
  • H-Reach: 1893 mm
  • Repeatability: ±0.15 mm
  • Robot Mass: 845 kg
  • Structure: Articulated
  • Mounting: floor, invert

Robot Motion Speed:

  • J1 160°/s  (2.79 rad/s)
  • J2 120°/s  (2.09 rad/s)
  • J3 120°/s  (2.09 rad/s)
  • J4 225°/s  (3.93 rad/s)
  • J5 225°/s  (3.93 rad/s)
  • J6 225°/s  (3.93 rad/s)

Robot Motion Range:

  • J1 ±160°
  • J2 ±130°
  • J3 +295°, -125°
  • J4 ±270°
  • J5 ±125°
  • J6 ±360°


  • Machine Loading
  • Material Handling
  • Part Transfer
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