Fanuc MIG/MAG arc welding system Arcmate 120iL on linear track and two rotary positioners

Robot details

 Fanuc arc welding system year 2005 with CE marking consisting of:

  • 1 x Fanuc Arcmate 120iL with RJ3iB controller, 9 axis system
  • Linear track, servocontroller, robot inverted, 8124 mm hub
  • 2 x servocontrolled rotary positioners placed along the linear track, head-tailstock distance in meters 6 and 4.9 meters respectively. Max payload: 300 kg. Fixtures dimensions in mm: 6000 x 1800 and 4900 x 1800
  • 1 x Air liquide synergic welding power source, Starmatic R450, 450 A power. Push-pull welding torch, anticollision
  • 1 x torch cleaning and cutting station
  • Light barriers, safety beams
  • Operation panel board

Robot applications

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