Fanuc welding cell with Arcmate 100i and positioners - 8 axis

Robot details

Used Fanuc welding cell for MIG MAG with 8 axis: 

Fanuc arcmate 100iB six axis robot, 1373mm arm reach, 6 kg payload with Rj3iB controller and integrated arc welding software

Double station positioner which makes for the robot welding working station and simultaneously a second station for the operator who safely loads and unloads parts. 180 degrees central turn, 2 servocontrolled rotary positioners (one for each station) servocontrolled by the Rj3iB controller 1400 mm between head and tailstock with a loading capacity of 250 kg

350 Ampere synergic power source Mig Mag, liquid cooled, with robot welding torch and anticollision 

Torch cleaning station and safety light barriers

Robot applications

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