FANUC LR Mate 200i

Robot details

LR Mate 200i is a robot with Rj3 control and though it’s small in size, it is designed to give accurate results in various applications such as handling material, load and offloading. It is also used in lab testing and assembly applications. It has high speed required for most commercial and industrial applications.

LR Mate 200i has a speed of more than 480 degrees per second.  The end effector is built in its wrist and has fail-safe breaks. The R-J3 controller is the third generation controller which has proven to be reliable. With its open architecture features capability, it has improved motion application. The plug in choice allows use of specific applications that makes it excellent to use with other equipment. It has Ethernet, which is built in and FTP for easy file transfers to different platforms.  The processor architecture is separated meaning communication and motion is not combined. Within the 32 bit dual, there is a real calendar and clock.  The teach pendant has multi functioning backlit LCD. All these makes LR Mate 200i robot excellent in its work.


Robot applications

Robot Info:

  • Maximum Load of Robot: 3Kg.
  • Maximum Reach: 856 mm.
  • Repeatability: 0,04 mm.
  • Controller: Rj3

Robot Motion Speed:

  • Axis 1: 140º/seg
  • Axis 2: 150º/seg
  • Axis 3: 160º/seg
  • Axis 4: 400º/seg
  • Axis 5: 330º/seg
  • Axis 6: 480º/seg

Robot Applications:

  • Machine load/unload
  • Material handling
  • Testing and sampling
  • Electronics/Cleanroom
  • Parts cleaning/washing
  • Assembly
  • Material removal
  • Packing
  • Education
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