Robot details

The Fanuc S-420iW is created for high payload. It is six-axis which comes with decreased payload, but more work envelope. This makes it perfect for handling different applications.

This robot has RJ2 control system and it’s made for utmost reliability and performance. It has exceptional integrated controller, agile servo driven and modular construction design. This robot has a big work envelop and therefore it’s suitable for huge fabrications. In addition, it has minimal repair needs and spare parts replacement and can be converted from one model to another.

The modular design of S-430iW robot is simple and do not need to use many components. The RV reducers enable safe cable routing. It is operated with a remote, therefore no need to get a big space for the robot to work. 

Robot applications

Robot Info

  •  Maximum Load of Robot: 150 Kg
  •  Maximum Reach: 2450 mm
  •  Repeatability: 0,4 mm
  •  Controller: RJ2

Robot Motion Speed

  •  Axis 1:   90º/s
  •  Axis 2: 100º/s
  •  Axis 3:   75º/s
  •  Axis 4: 140º/s
  •  Axis 5: 110º/s
  •  Axis 6: 140º/s

Robot Applications

  • Spot welding
  • Press tending
  • Material handling
  • Machine tending
  • Palletizing
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