KAWASAKI FS010 C control

Robot details

This low payload robot is fast and very accurate. Industrial applications which require short cycle times can benefit greatly from the quality repeatability of the machine and its diligence. It is still new in store and has worked only for 30 hours. 

The robot supports best loads of up to 10kg. It has a slim design to reduce dead space and can achieve reach of 1450 mm; a good working envelope for its class. This is complemented by  high torque 6 axes to ensure that your loading and unloading, machining, handling of parts, arc welding, painting and other duties are timely completed. 

FS010E utilises the C controller which is famous for its quality machine management. Together with powerful 32 bit Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) architecture, it allows internal storage of up to 4000 instructions (1 MB). The PC card port also supports 1 MB or 4 MB external memory in case an expansion is required.

Other features include 32/ 32 input and output channels of 24 V DC which can be expanded to 128/ 128.  Communication with external structures is also possible through protocols such as ControlNet, Ethernet, DeviceNet, among others. The system can also utilise   Allen Bradley Remote I’O or ControlNet capability. Other options include SLOGIC (Internal PLC) and Weld serial communication.     

Additionally, a user friendly interface is provided by the   pendant. The handheld has a full colour, multi functional Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The touch panel comprises of teach pendant, input/ output displays data keyboard and robot function menus status. Any operator will not fail to appreciate such an ergonomic design.       

Robot applications

Repeatability: 0.1 mm

  • Axis 2: 140º/s
  • Axis 6: 600º/s

Axis 3: +120º -155º

  • Axis 6: +-360º
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