KAWASAKI ZX 130U C control

Robot details

Kawasaki has earned its deserved reputation for producing the most suitable machinery used in various industrial applications. The manufacturer is here again with a new ZX series brand that effortlessly does your spot welding, material handling, sealing and other duties with the needed speed and accuracy.  ZX 130U and other products in this line from the same manufacturer make use of D controller which has been upgraded to provide the best experience.  

A notable feature of this brand is its Compactness. Its slim design of base, waist and arms ensures that it takes only a small footprint not only to save on your floor space but also enable placement of items close enough for better reach.

The ZX 130U robot has 6 axes which can achieve a rotation of up to 230 degrees per second hence ensuring that the arm is fast enough to perform timely duties. Path accuracy is maintained with high repeatability. In addition, the machine also has minimal vibration which increases both the quality of work done and life time.

Any programmer will also appreciate the ergonomic design of this machine. To begin with, a large 7.2 inch touch, full colour and multi functional Liquid Crystal Display screen facilitates interraction with its customisable features. The pendant is also light weight and it makes use of high level AS language to reduce steps hence save time. Easy block steps are also available in case they are the preferred option.        


Robot applications

Robot Motion Speed:

           •Axis 1: 110º/s
           •Axis 2: 110º/s
           •Axis 3: 110º/s
           •Axis 4: 140º/s
           •Axis 5: 135º/s
           •Axis 6: 230º/s

Robot Applications:
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