KUKA KR 125/3 150/3 200/3

Robot details

While deriving most of its features from KR125/2, this is a faster and accurate robot for heavy payload applications. It is equipped with 2400 mm arm reach and can bear weights ranging from 125 kg to 200 kg with a good repeatability of 0.2 mm. This is a good solution for your handling, machining, loading and unloading needs

Wide range of robotic software applications can be achieved due to the fact that this machine is equipped with one of the most flexible controllers- KR C2. Provided on Microsoft windows interface, it is also quite friendly and highly expandable. A range of software packages for common systems is also available. 

Networking with other systems can be achieved through standard bus protocols while two more slots are provided in the basic cabinet for additional axes. A smooth connection allowing integration of six more axes can also be achieved through an additional cabinet.

Monitoring of the system is made much easier through online means. Crucial operational data can also be backed up in CDs and floppy disks to facilitate error identification. Facilities such as motion profile function also enhance interaction between each motor and its velocity to provide the highest efficiency while numerous ergonomic features are included to promote durability and operationally.    

Robot applications

Robot Info:

  • Maximum Load of Robot: 125/150/200 Kg.
  • Maximum Reach: 2400 mm.
  • Repeatability: 0,2 mm.
  • Controller: KR C2.

Robot Motion Speed:

  • Axis 1: 101º/seg
  • Axis 2: 101º/seg
  • Axis 3: 101º/seg
  • Axis 4: 157º/seg
  • Axis 5: 170º/seg
  • Axis 6: 239º/seg

Robot Applications:

  • Machining
  • Machine tending
  • Polishing, grinding and deburring
  • Coating and bonding
  • Handling
  • Measuring and testing
  • Assembly
  • Palletizing and order picking
  • Cutting
  • Welding
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