Kuka KR16-3 S krc4 controller

Robot details

Industrial Robot kuka kr16-3 compact, versatile and flexible with 16 kg load capacity, its slim design wrist allows it to adapt to different spaces providing greater flexibility in production and saving space. This robot of low load offers a long useful life since his periods of service prolong, saving maintenance costs, putting the fast start-up of the robot with the benefit of a big precision for different applications.  It has a KRC4 controller

Robot applications

Main specifications

Maximum Load of Robot: 16 Kg

Number of axis: 6

Maximum reach: 1610 mm

Repeatability: ±0,05 mm

Controller: KRC4

Motion of  range

Axis 1: ± 185º

Axis 2: +35°/–155°

Axis 3: +154°/–130°

Axis 4: ±350°

Axis 5: ±130°

Axis 6: ±350°

Robot motion speed in º/s

Axis 1: 156°/s

Axis 2: 156°/s

Axis 3: 156°/s

Axis 4: 330°/s

Axis 5: 330°/s

Axis 6: 615°/s

Robot Applications

Arc Welding



Material handling



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