KUKA KR 210 on KL1500 linear track

Robot details

Running on a KL1500 7 axis linear track ranging from 2000 mm to 15000 mm, this robot is well placed for your robust needs including: plasma cutting, stud welding, adhesive bonding, laser cutting among others. It is available in three versions depending on the preferred arm reach and payload; namely KR 210 (2700 mm / 210 kg), KR 210L180 (2900 mm / 180 kg) and KR 210L150 (3100 mm / 150kg).   

KUKA - KR 210 is equipped with two versions of KR C2 controller provided on Windows XP interface.  This makes it easy to operate considering that software packages are also availed for time saving. Two free slots are provided for external axes while the machine has been made highly compact.  

The system can be integrated into external networks through DeviceNet and Ethernet slots for common bus systems to enhance remote operations.  Diagnosis is also enhanced through availability of Floppy and CD-ROM drives which serve as back up. It also has motion profile functions for optimal interaction between each motor and its velocity. 

Robot applications

Robot Info

Maximum Load of Robot: 210/180/150 Kg
Maximum Reach: 2700/2900/3100 mm
Repeatability: 0.15
Controller: KR C2

Axis Speed in º/s for the models: KR 210 / KR 210 L180 / KR 210 L150

Axis 1: 86º/s       (all 3 models)
Axis 2: 84º/s       (all 3 models)
Axis 3: 84º/s       84º/s        81º/s
Axis 4: 100º/s     (all 3 models)
Axis 5: 110º/s     (all 3 models)
Axis 6: 184º/s     (all 3 models)

Axis 7: (speed in mm/s): 1450 mm/s 

Range of motion (Axis 1 to 6)

Axis 1: +- 185º
Axis 2: +90 to -61º
Axis 3: +65º to -209º
Axis 4: +-350º
Axis 5: +-125º
Axis 6: +-350º

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