Robot details

When talking about short cycle time and versatility, KR 15 is worth a mention. The machine is suitable for payload applications of up to 15 kg. Its long arm reach of 1500 mm and light body enables it to perform timely tasks with a repeatability of 0.1 mm. KR15 has a wide variety of mounting options including floors, ceilings and walls. This is a good machine for polishing, handling of parts, machining, loading and unloading applications. A similar robot with the same capability is the ABB - IRB 2400 M2000.

Equipped with KR C1 controller on Windows 95 operating system, the robots open technology enhances compatibility as it can be integrated both to networks and other machines. This is through   standard slots for common bus systems such as INTERBUS-S and FIPIO and master/ slave operational capability. Through an additional compact stack cabinet one controller can be used for an extended system regardless of model.

Robot diagnosis is facilitated by an integrated oscilloscope which also offers programming support. For higher efficiency, motion profile function is provided for advanced interaction between individual motors and their velocities. Data can also be backed up vis floppy disk and CD-ROM drives.  

Robot applications

Robot Info:

  • Number of axis: 6
  • Maximum Load of Robot: 15 Kg
  • Maximum Reach: 1570 mm
  • Repeatability: +/-0,1 mm
  • Controller: KR C1

Robot Motion Speed:

  • Axis 1: 152º/s
  • Axis 2: 152º/s
  • Axis 3: 152º/s
  • Axis 4: 284º/s
  • Axis 5: 293º/s
  • Axis 6: 604º/s

Robot Applications:

  • Machining
  • Machine tending
  • Polishing, grinding and deburring
  • Coating and bonding
  • Handling
  • Measuring and testing
  • Assembly
  • Palletizing and order picking
  • Cutting
  • Welding
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