KUKA KR30-2 KR45-2 KR60-2

Robot details

When it comes to space utilisation, this robot tops all the others in its class. The fist shaped work envelope together with its slim make up ensures maximum conservation of your floor space while extending to  a reach of 2060 mm.   

KR30/2 KR 45/2 KR 60/2 is suitable for various uses including but not limited to: polishing, handling of parts, machining, loading and unloading of parts. It has a payload of 30 kg and 0.15 mm repeatability.  

The robot is integrated with KRC2 controller which has KUKA's version 4.1.7 software that is PC based on Microsoft Windows interface. A wide range of robotic software applications can be achieved through the controller's high connectivity and greater capacity programming.  

Expansion is possible with allowance of 2 free slots for external axes. Connectivity can be easily done via ready- made packages, DeviceNet and Ethernet slots for systems such as INTERBUS, PROFIBUS.  A motion profile function is available for optimal interaction between each motor and its velocity.   

The compactly designed KUKA control panel has a windows user interface which works together with other features to increase ergonomic.  Diagnostic options including floppy and CD-ROM drives for information storage and   remote Ethernet diagnosis are provided whose combinations provide the best results. KR30/2 KR 45/2 KR 60/2   is definitely your ultimate workplace solution.

Robot applications

Robot Info:

  • Maximum Load of Robot: 30 Kg
  • Maximum Reach: 2033 mm
  • Repeatability: 0,15 mm
  • Controller: KR C2

Robot Motion Speed:

  • Axis 1: 140º/s
  • Axis 2: 126º/s
  • Axis 3: 140º/s
  • Axis 4: 260º/s
  • Axis 5: 245º/s
  • Axis 6: 322º/s
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