Robot details

While retaining most of the features of KR30/2, this version has a lighter body which makes it much faster hence suitable for industrial applications. It is also very accurate with a repeatability of 0.06 mm.   

The machine is powered by 2005 edition of KR C2 controller which is famous for its wide flexibility. It uses standard PC components to facilitate various automation tasks. The basic cabinet also accepts two additional external axes thereby eliminating the need for an additional cabinet. Up to six more axes can also be integrated through an additional top mount cabinet.    

The controller is an efficient cost saver due to its high accessibility and easy servicing. Standard parts have been used in the systems thus acquiring and fixing of spare parts is made much easier due to availability. Comprehensive safety concepts are used in all versions of KR C2 controllers to increase dependability of the systems.

Diagnostics can also be made through online means and also data backed up in CDs and floppy disks. Other features include 'plug and play" functionality for rapid start up, customisable hardware and software functions, synchronisation of robots through networked controllers. You are therefore guaranteed in your polishing handling, machining loading and unloading requirements. 

Robot applications

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