Kuka KR125 Arc Welding Robot with Fronius TPS4000 Synergic Power Welding Source 400 Amperes

Robot details

KUKA KR125 with KRC1 or KRC2 controller, Software stand 4.1.4, a 6 axis welding robot year 2000/2001, 2600 mm arm reach and 0,2 mm accuracy.

The system includes a Synergic TPS4000 water-cooled MIG/MAG power source from Fronius, 400 Amperes. Fronius is one of the leading suppliers of Welding technology worldwide. The welding program selection is greatly simplified by choosing a job number stored in the Fronius. This feature is comes in very handy when different materials are to be welded. The system is completed by a water cooled welding torch, wire feeder and pneumatic cleaning torch station.

Technical specifications of the KUKA robot are to be seen under the following link http://www.eurobots.net/descprn/id/17/print/KUKA%20-%20KR125-KR150-KR200-en.html

Robot applications

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