KUKA KR30 with 2 axis servocontrolled positioner and Fronius TPS5000 welding equipment

Robot details

This 8-axis robotic servo-controlled arc welding system consists in:

- Kuka KR30 / 2, 6-axis industrial robot, 2060 mm arm and 30 kg payload year 2002 equipped with KRC2 controller, software version 4.1.7

- Fronius TPS5000 (500 A) synergic energy source water cooled, welding torch with anti-collision system.

- KUKA two-axis positioner, servo-controlled, payload 1000 kg and two-meter distance between head and tailstock.

Robot applications

Info kuka robot:

Maximum robot load: 30 kg.
Maximum capacity: 2050 mm.
Repeatability: 0.15 mm.
Regulator: KRC2

Robot movement speed:

Axis 1: 140º / s
Axis 2: 126º / s
Axis 3: 140º / s
Axis 4: 260º / s
Axis 5: 245º / s
Axis 6: 322º / s

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