Robot details

When looking for the best robot for light payload applications, KR 5 sixx definitely should make the best choice. Nothing beats this KRC2 Ed05 controlled machine when it comes to speed and accuracy. The machine is highly suited for handling of parts, loading and unloading.

With its 855 mm arm reach KR 5 sixx bears loads of up to 5 kg while achieving repeatability of 0.02 mm. Its 6 high torque axes achieve maximum speed to timely cover the relatively wide envelope while maintaining a small footprint.  The KRC2 Ed05 controller cabinet is also small enough and ergonomically designed. 

You are also guaranteed that delicate loads will be handled in the gentlest manner. Axis motion ranges are not restricted due to internal integration of energy and fluid supply lines. The machine also has a wide range of mounting options including ceilings and floors.

Robot applications

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