Motoman HP20D/DX100

Robot details

HP20D Series Robots The robot may be put near the parts to facilitate access in small places thanks to its incredibly quick, shelf-mounted compact design with a thin base and arm. It is distinguished by high acceleration and speed, which shorten cycle times, and excellent repeatability, which offers the accuracy required for a wide range of applications and boosts output. There are three variations available: HP20D, HP20D-6, and HP20RD Shelf-mount. has a DX100 controller installed. Year of production 2012.

Robot applications

Main specifications

  • Maximum Load of Robot: 20 kg 
  • Number of axes: 6
  • Maximum horizontal reach: 1,717 mm
  • Maximum vertical reach: 3,063 mm
  • Repeatability: ±0.06 mm
  • Controller: DX100

Motion range (°)

  • Axis S: ±180°
  • Axis L: +155°/-100°
  • Axis U: +255°/-165°
  • Axis R: ±200°
  • Axis B: +230°/-50°
  • Axis T:

Maximum speed (°/s)

  • Axis S: 197°/
  • Axis L: 175°/s
  • Axis U: 187°/s
  • Axis R: 400°/s
  • Axis B: 400°/s
  • Axis T: 600°/s
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