Other Robots Mitsubishi MELFA RV-3SJB

Robot details

Designed to save space and simplify operations, this model is fast, compact and easy to use.  It bears weights of 3.5 kg with high speed and 0.2 mm accuracy. Motor and gear are installed directly on arms to enhance space conservation.

While resistant to harsh environments, this robot is flexible enough. Its joints have been designed with IP65 protection where the moving parts are enclosed in the hollow structure of the motor. When other robot arms top at undefined points, the RV-3SJB goes back to its resting point thereby easing operation. The breaking system is efficient enough to enable it maintain any position. 

Connection with other systems can be done through Ethernet, Profibus and CC-Link. The controller can accept 88 different programs with 5000 steps and 2500 teaching points. The robot's absolute and encoder sensitivity is also enhanced so that it can accurately find location of work pieces.  

Robot applications

Arm lenght:726 mm model RV-3SJB

Payload: 3 kg

Operating range in º:
Axis 1: 340 (+-170)
Axis 2: 227 (-92 to +135)
Axis 3: 290 (+160 to -130)
Axis 4: ---------------
Axis 5: 240 (+-120)
Axis 6: 720 (+-360)

Maximun speed in degrees/sec:

Axis 1: 250
Axis 2: 187
Axis 3: 250
Axis 4: ---
Axis 5: 412
Axis 6: 660

Maximum composite speed (mm/sec): 5300
Average cycle time in sec: 0,6/0,7
Position repeatibility: +-0,02 mm
Weight: 33 kg

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