Welding robot ABB 2400L M2000 with 5 axis positioner IRBP250B and lineal track - 12 axis

Robot details

ABB cell with IRB 2400L M2000 S4CPlus 12-2003 with 5 axis positioner IRBP250B and lineal track- In total 12 axis

1x ABB IRB2400L M2000, SC4 Plus controller, year: 11-2003

1x track lineal 4m

1x Positioner with 250kg payload, 5 axes, like video, called ABB IRBP 250B

1x Fronius TPS 5000,  liquid cooling, cables and cables tray

1x clear station with wire cut and bull eye

Fully reconditioned 

Robot applications

Arm reach:1800mm

Controller: S4Cplus

Max payload:5kg

Positioner payload:250kg

Track total lengh: 4 meters

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