5 Benefits of Deploying Welding Robots in Your Factory

The global robotic welding market was valued at around five billion dollars in 2018, but is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.7%, reaching ten billion dollars by 2026! These numbers are significant, and so is the impact of robotic welding applications on industrial processes across the board.

Technological advancements have improved various manufacturing procedures, such as painting, assembling, finishing, recycling, and welding. The use of robots in the welding process has simplified the process, making it more efficient and error-free

Continue reading this blog to learn about some excellent benefits of welding robots.

Reliable and Precise Results

A welding robot welds faster and more efficiently than a human, as the laser torch technology ensures precise results. 

With robotic welding, processing time is reduced, making scheduling easier for important, time-consuming aspects of manufacturing.

Moreover, with a manual welder, the weld’s size and depth have to be decided beforehand. Whereas robotic counterparts can be programmed with varying lengths and widths for all kinds of joint requirements.

Superior Performance

Robotic welding arms are consistent, and consistency is the key to high-quality welding. With torch and laser features, the arm moves at the same speed for each weld, and there’s no risk of variation, error, or exhaustion. Welding robots are especially beneficial for safety-critical, small, and hard-to-perfect parts.

Reduced Labor Costs

Welding robots improve the quality, quantity, and productivity of your production line. They produce accurate and consistent results at a lower cost by reducing labor, space, and effort-consumption. The total cost can be reduced further by opting for energy-efficient robots.

Welding robots have also solved skilled worker shortages. While manual programmers and welders are still required to oversee customization, the robots nullify the need to hire and train more workers in the plant.

Lesser Post-Weld Cleanup

With robotic welders, scrap and waste during and after the welding procedure are reduced significantly. The excessive usage of fillers, energy, and metal is also minimized, mitigating several safety risks such as electric shock, exposure to toxic gases, chemical substances, and flash cornea burns.

Enhanced Competitive Advantage

Deploying welding robots increases your plant’s productivity and gives you a significant competitive advantage over your competitors. Implementing automated solutions can set your company apart by allowing for faster, more efficient task completion, and processing speeds.  

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