5 Places You Don’t Expect To Find Robots

With the worldwide sales of industrial robots reaching a whopping 384,000 units in 2018, global spending on robots is at an all-time high. More and more businesses are relying on the use of robots for effective and efficient work. Despite how much we’re used to having robots at work, there are still some unexpected sectors incorporating the use of robots.
Here are some unusual places where you won’t expect to see robots:

Food and entertainment

Alibaba was the first company to launch a restaurant that was automated. Customers could use an app to order the food they wanted and pay for it too. Robots were set up on tracks that would provide customers with their order. This way, restaurant managers didn’t have to worry about orders getting messed up or paying tips.
Getting your hair done at a hair salon is such a treat! It leaves your hair feeling amazing and you feeling relaxed. But imagine if the hairstyling process was to change completely?
Popular hair styling tools company, Panasonic, is developing a robot to wash and blow-dry your hair while massaging it. This robot isn’t designed to cut hair or take charge of any sharp objects, so hairstylists don’t have to worry about becoming redundant.
Japan is expected to be the first to adopt such technology since its workforce is shrinking at an alarming rate.
In farming

Collecting milk from animals on a farm is a labor-intensive process. You also run the risk of getting injured if the animal gets aggressive. Robots have been created to automate the milking process on farms. The process is, therefore, much quicker.
This robot weighs over 2000 pounds and can easily corral cows. The arm is equipped with cameras and lasers to optimize the milking process. With a capacity of 800 gallons of milk per day, this robot has revolutionized farming techniques. It can also perform a chemical analysis of the milk to ensure the cow is in best health. Farmers can monitor the achiness from a distance with an app on their phone.
In med school
Med students need to have plenty of practice while in school before they can work on patients. Gone are the days when cadavers and dummies were used in med schools. Robots are now being used to help med students learn the correct method for procedures.
Robots have been developed to look and respond like humans. These robots exhibit signs just like humans in the form of bleeding, sweating, and convulsing, their pupils even dilate in response to bright light! These robots are also developed to respond to injected drugs so that students can actively learn without putting anyone’s life in danger.
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