For a long time, banking entities have carried out software testing repetitively and thoroughly to ensure financial transactions meet the standard requirements of security and reliability. ATMs obtain system updates every 6 months or so which leads to detailed and rigorous testing, having to rely on human knowledge and skills and dedicating many hours of research and testing.

Today we see that discoveries made with digital technology, visual technology, artificial intelligence, etc., together with industrial robots allow us to optimize many of the tasks that require great detail and precision.

One of these greatest innovations was designed is the ABB YuMi robot. This industrial robot is capable of executing complex, high-precision tasks, providing security and flexibility.

A collaboration between the ABB robot manufacturer with the YuMi robot and Swiss-based payment software provider Abrantix AG, seeks to automate the testing of Diebold Nixdorf ATMs.

Richard Schlauri, MD of Diebold Nixdorf, Switzerland, said “At Diebold Nixdorf, we believe that this test automation environment created by innovation leaders Abrantix and ABB, combined with our extensive knowledge in the development and innovating testing of ATM software, has fantastic potential to greatly improve test efficiency and software quality in hundreds of our customer testing laboratories around the world.”

This solution is based on the control of the ATM software, developed by Abrantix using an ABB YuMi robot to play the role of a human and perform operations such as inserting cards, entering PIN codes and withdrawing and depositing money; with the idea of testing the software in its environment. The robot is configured to incur errors similar to those made by humans, and thus ensure that the software can solve a wide variety of problems.

Specialists work during the day to optimize the software’s features since at night these improvements are automatically tested by the YuMi robot and the next day the feedback is given, which allows the analyzers to save time and work on other important tasks.

The ABB Robotics business line manager in Switzerland, Marc-Andre Zingg, said: “The ATM testing system developed by Abrantix is exactly the kind of precise and collaborative process for which our YuMi® robot was designed. With YuMi®, Abrantix not only has the assurance that the robot will share tasks safely with its employees, but that it’s expert software developers now have more time to devote to other more valuable tasks, while YuMi® works in the background repetitively, but on highly important tests, 24 hours a day.”

It is important to highlight that performing these types of control and management tests that ABB YuMi and Abrantix AG have developed has generated greater speed and reliability. ABB’s YuMi industrial robots exceed the expectations of performance in applications outside of the normal production line. It stands out in versatile, flexible processes that target the new market, providing accuracy and security to work collaboratively with human staff.

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