The ceramic manufacturing application developed by industrial robots has adjusted the precision and flexibility for handling the different shapes and materials used thanks to the advances in technology.

The potential that industrial robots have developed has been a collaborative tool for those artists with views focused on finding improvements and quality in their works.

You are always looking for options that propose greater flexibility and increase the quality of the work.

Digital technology, artificial vision, AI, processing techniques, innovative systems, and algorithms are improvements incorporated into the industrial robots that guide us to perform processes efficiently.

The industrial designer Maja Sobura, originally from Katowice in a typical industrial region of Poland, graduated from the School of Form, decided to study design in products at the Royal College of Art in London. She won the “Creations of nature” contest organized by the Barlinek Design Institute. She designed a food packaging project for the army, which consisted of flat packaging changes shape when water is poured into the package. In contact with water, the dust hidden in the walls of the container heats the food inside.

Finally, this art designer set a new goal, the UNIQ project, wanting to innovate in ceramic designs without falling into the typical.

Maja Sobura, comments “My greatest inspiration was the dripping technique of abstract expressionist artists.

In this work, the artist combined three important components singularity, expressionism and a robot as co-designer.

The KUKA KR 6 900 Sixx and the Zmorph extruder for 3D printing were the tools used for painting and design of porcelain patterns, the parameters designed to control the extrusion tempo were captured by the artist, taking advantage of the robot’s movements and different speeds of extrusion in each step the porcelain was made; To better control the printing process, she used a special porcelain consistency. The role of this work is shared with the KUKA robot.

Maja says: “I don’t treat the robot as a tool to achieve my goal. We are rather partners trying to make a successful project.”

As a final result, there were 5 different types of ornate porcelain executed by the industrial robot KUKA, being seen as models with unique characteristics.

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