New technologies have provided great advances and solutions to industrial and service processes. Palletization robots have contributed a great deal in increasing speeds, productivity, and efficiency.

Acquiring a renewed robotic arm for palletizing can further reduce costs and generate the same benefits as a new one, such as facilitating transport and storage. Used robots help automated palletizing in manufacturing where working conditions, weight handling, and the environment is dangerous. It also provides constant speed to repetitive processes.

These robotic systems have provided advantages thanks to their degree of freedom and use of the workspace by manipulating pieces of up to 700 kg with a reach of up to 3200 mm and a high speed in production where the final tool conforms to the product. Likewise, they are multi-purpose systems with the ability to execute several difficult tasks using motion control software, integrated vision, digital technology, etc.

The value of a reconditioned robot for palletizing can help you save almost 60% compared to the cost of a new robot.

Nowadays it is very easy to acquire an industrial robot for palletizing at very affordable prices. Even if you already have one in your plant, it can be used for this process. The reconditioning of a robot is an extension of its useful life.

Refurbishment is a detailed process, where parts are cleaned, disassembled, changed, painted and tested as many times as necessary to obtain quality equipment; however, the way customers can trust and acquire robotic equipment with confidence is through the references of the robot supplier, testimonies, and experiences of other companies.

Keep in mind that you must have the assistance of a good integrator to advise and properly train staff. And you may be able to obtain an excellent robot warranty from the robot integrator or provider.

The Benefits of Palletizing With Second-Hand Robots

  • 25% increase in performance
  • Cost savings when having a robot in the inventory of your company or acquiring a second-hand one (Remember: if the robot is in the stock of your company this will require a change of final tool, software, and other devices that are required)
  • Reduced risk of occupational accidents
  • Profitable team has a quick return on investment
  • Predictable productivity and quality gains
  • Improvements and updates in the systems to be integrated
  • Ideal for small businesses to start automating contributes to sustainability
  • You can purchase robots from recognized brands at lower prices

So, the safest way to acquire an occasional robot for palletizing is by consulting with specialized companies that build trust by guaranteeing your work and providing an adequate solution to your process.

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