Why You Should Automate Your Manufacturing Now!

While the costs of labor, land and energy has increased over the years, the cost of automation has seen a decline.

Having automated manufacturing facilities is becoming easier and cheaper as industrial robots are now readily available in the market.

There are many advantages of automation, in factories as well as everyday lives. However, there are speculations associated with it as well, the most common being—Robots taking over jobs.

Let’s set these speculations aside for a minute and focus on the benefits of automation in a manufacturing facility. 


With an automated manufacturing process, you can produce high quality products consistently. In order to get customer loyalty, it is important to be able to meet customers’ expectations every time.

One manufacturing defect could mean you losing a customer forever. Even with highly trained and skilled workers, human error is something that can bring variation in the product. With machines, you can ensure consistency.


Automation will enable you to run as many shifts as you want. Machines won’t get tired or bored from doing the same work again and again. They will keep working at maximum capacity, providing a greater output per hour.

Reduced Overheads

No wages, no HR, no training, no medical insurance, and very little administration. Just do the math and know how much money you will be saving on overheads.

Less waste

Since robots bring consistency, they also eliminate waste of input. Product breakage and poor packaging will shrink greatly as the products will be finished with superior processes. Less waste also mean more cost savings.

Improved Work Environment

Workers usually get bored of doing repetitive work. Some tasks are also very dangerous for humans to perform. Through automation, you eliminate boredom and enhance safety.

Elimination of Skilled Labor Recruitment

Skilled labor for complex task is really difficult to find and recruit. With automation, all you have to do is program the robot and your job is done.

Automation is also great way to mitigate the effects of labor shortages, especially in countries experiencing labor shortage.

The best thing about automation is that you do not need to buy expensive new industrial robots. You can get refurbished robots at reasonable prices that will give you good value for money for about 10–15 years, with the right care and maintenance.

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