Techniques to schedule a Kuka robot

There are numerous possibilities to schedule a Kuka robot, as well as for any other programming task. Some of these are only suitable for experienced robot programmers. Others are appropriate for both beginners and for robotics specialists.
There are two concepts related to programming techniques.
The programming of an online robot requires that the robot be physically present when programming it. It should be done on productivity to carry out an optimization of the program or make a process change, which results in a decrease in the productivity of the robot.
With the graphic programming offline, it results in an improvement of the productivity of the robot thanks to which a debugging the software can be made in a simulated environment.
Among the techniques to schedule a Kuka robot we find:
• The Teach Pendant, which comes with the robot, is the typical choice for KUKA programming. The KRC2, KRC4 and Smartpad were iterations different from this over the years. This method of online programming requires extensive training and programming is a process that requires a lot of time.

• Each robot manufacturer has its own patented programming language, known as Kuka Robot Language (KRL). The KRL programming language is what KUKA refers. This out-of-line programming language, which is based on Pascal, requires advanced knowledge.

• The manual guidance involves connecting additional controllers and / or sensors to the end of the robot, which allows you to move it by hand. Kuka’s version of this is Ready2_Pilot, which uses a type of 6D joystick. However, it is easier to use than the Pech Pendant, which limits the performance of the robot.

• Offline graphic programming software combines the productivity benefits of an off-line programming system with ease of use of a graphic system

• A hand probe allows you to train the robot with your own hand and arm as a last alternative. This method is much more natural than the manual guide, and has the added advantage of being able to be used for off-line programming and online.

When programming a robot, you should be able to start working with your KUKA robot as soon as possible. Each method of programming has its pros and cons and it is better to choose the method that is most intuitive from the beginning.
The Kuka robots are among the most popular in the world. Kuka is often referred to as one of the largest robotics companies together with companies such as ABB, Yaskawa and Fanuc.

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