FANUC America, a leading industrial robotics company, has introduced its new heavy-duty cobots, which can handle objects weighing up to 35 kg. Cobots are collaborative robots that can work alongside humans safely and efficiently. FANUC America’s cobots are characterised by their ease of use, flexibility and intelligence.

The new FANUC America cobots are the CRX-35iA and CRX-35iA/L, which differ in their reach: 1,813 mm and 1,911 mm respectively. These cobots can perform a variety of tasks, such as assembly, packaging, loading and unloading, inspection or welding. The cobots have an intuitive user interface and a touch screen that allows them to be programmed and controlled without any prior knowledge. In addition, the cobots incorporate force and vision sensors that allow them to adapt to different conditions and environments.

FANUC America has also announced that it will sponsor the education pavilion at Automate 2023, the largest robotics and industrial automation trade show in the United States. The education pavilion aims to promote robotics and automation education and training for students and industry professionals. The pavilion will offer workshops, demonstrations, lectures and hands-on activities on the latest developments and trends in robotics and automation.

FANUC America is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the field of industrial robotics, with more than 700,000 robots installed worldwide. The company offers a wide range of robots for various applications such as welding, handling, painting, assembly or palletising. With the launch of the new heavy-duty cobots and the sponsorship of the education pavilion at Automate 2023, FANUC America reinforces its position as a leading provider of robotic solutions for industry.

In addition to the new CRX models, FANUC America will also showcase other cobots at Automate 2023, including the CRX-25iA and CR-35iB. These cobots have innovative features such as iRVision 3D vision, which allows the robot to recognise three-dimensional objects and orient itself in space. They also have automated systems that facilitate robot integration and programming, such as ROBOGUIDE software or the R-30iB Plus controller.

FANUC America will also showcase at Automate 2023 some examples of real-world applications that use its cobots to improve productivity and quality in different industrial sectors. Some of these applications include:

– An automated system for additive manufacturing (3D printing) that uses a CRX-25iA cobot to load and unload parts into a 3D printer.
– An automated system for optical inspection using a CRX-25iA cobot equipped with a camera to check the quality and finish of parts.
– An automated system for spot welding using a CR-35iB cobot to weld metal parts on a production line.

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