High Profitability in a Small Robot With the New SCARA SR-12iA From FANUC

At present, research on robotic solutions focuses on the application of assembly and packaging, to open new horizons for companies that are specifically dedicated to these tasks.

Fanuc is one of the robotic automation companies that has expanded its Scara range with SR-12iA. This small structure robot has a load capacity of 12 kg and has a wrist inertia of 0.30 kgm2

. It has a compact, four-axis coupling design for high-speed, precise small-part assembly and handling operations.

This robot’s structure is internally routed for small cables/pipes, which allows its exterior to look more organized, reducing the interruption field and facilitating the incorporation in the assembly or packaging lines of the FANUC SR-12iA.

Another advantage; It’s 280 x 364mm footprint, 53kg weight, and 900mm reach ensure maximum efficiency in space and range of motion.

FANUC’s strongest SCARA robot with a maximum power of 250N, thus favouring growing application areas such as solar panels or battery packs. The high inertia capacity increases flexibility and facilitates the handling of large workpieces, plus a brake release switch on the robot arm allows easy error recovery.

The SR-12iA works in the assembly lines fulfilling the high-speed condition, ensuring its quality and performance.

Also, Fanuc will offer a version of waterproof IP65 white epoxy paint, ideal for those extreme environments

There are three models available: SR-3iA (400mm reach), SR-6iA (650mm reach); and SR-12iA (900mm reach).

Although the robot can also perform functions beyond the scope of conventional applications, its specifications make it ideal for packaging tasks. In comparison, this robotic model is smaller and more productive, which allows a more profitable process.

The SR-12iA is equipped with the latest FANUC software and features. It is powered by the R-30iB Compact Plus controller, which is compatible with FANUC’s iRVision® imaging tool, iRPickTool® logistics software, conveyor tracking, and built-in safety features.

Fanuc’s programming software is the iRProgrammer® that can be run on a tablet or PC using web browsers. The ROBOGUIDE® simulation software is suitable for collecting or packaging tasks, avoiding economic risks, or additional cost, such as another mechanical device.

ROBOGUIDE® simulation software is doable and can pre-verify robot performance, range, and durability for picking or packing projects without having to take financial risks or create expensive mechanical designs. Therefore, FANUC can supply comprehensive pick and pack solutions for various processes.

Robotics Product Manager at Fanuc Europe Thomas Schneider, says: “While there are often applications that require a traditional six-axis robot, simple packaging applications often do not require reorientation.” In these cases, the skills of robots 12 kg payload SCARA are suitable.

SCARA robots are smaller and more profitable and achieve guaranteed quality and service to the world of SCARA robots by delivering market-leading payload performance.

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