Fanuc‘s SR-3iA/C three-axis and SR-6I/C four-axis pick-and-place robots are excellent for replacing manual labour and meeting the highest safety and hygiene standards in food, pharmaceutical and general production applications.

To increase longevity and provide IP54-rated protection from water, dust and other contaminants, Fanuc’s latest SCARA models feature a white epoxy coating. They meet ISO Class 5 cleanroom requirements and feature bellows specifically designed to protect the critical spindle during cleaning. They also feature NSF-H1 approved anti-oil and anti-rust bolts.

The ultra-hygienic features and small footprint of the new SCARA models allow smaller work cells to be integrated without compromising performance. Their 360-degree housings offer integrators the ability to utilise the robots’ full range of motion while minimising physical interference with nearby objects or workspaces. The robot arm is fully integrated with the power supply, solenoid valves and pneumatic air lines, reducing interference forms and couplings.

While the SR-6A/C has a payload of 6 kg and a reach of 650 mm, the SR-3iA/C is a small robot with a payload of 3 kg, a reach of 400 mm and a maximum downward thrust force of 150 newtons. The robot’s accuracy in the linear axis is 0.01 mm, and the wrist rotation accuracy is 0.004O. High speed is common, up to 120 cycles per minute. The wrist can rotate continuously or at a rate of up to 3,000 rotations per second.

The firm’s latest R-30iB Compact Plus controller is also fully compatible with Fanuc SR-3iA/C and SR-6iA/C. With training and programming done on a tablet or computer, the web-based user interface, which makes use of Fanuc iRProgrammer software, offers fast, easy, platform-independent configuration capabilities. No specialised equipment or interface devices are required.

The SR-3iA/C and SR-6iA/C, which operate on a 200-230 V single-phase power supply, consume an average of 0.25 kWh and 0.35 kWh of power, respectively. Both robots are fully equipped for typical static activities, but fully integrated Fanuc iRVision and iRPickTool optical sensing systems for intelligent product tracking on a moving conveyor are available as options.

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