During the ProMat 2023 manufacturing, distribution and supply chain equipment and systems event in Chicago, KUKA Robotics demonstrated the ability of its KR CYBERTECH Nano robot to efficiently retrieve products from boxes or containers within a holding cell. The robotics is used in the bin picking cell to detect components to be removed using machine vision.

The industrial robots of the KUKA KR CYBERTECH nano product family are designed for handling tiny components with a wide range of applications and cost-effective versatility. Even at high speeds, they offer maximum strength with a repeatability of 0.04 mm. They have one of the shortest in-line wrists in their class, allowing them to work in areas that other robots cannot, enabling access to previously inaccessible workspaces.

A 3D camera and the Mech-3D Mind vision system were installed in the demonstration cell to identify objects that can be found anywhere. The robot’s movements are controlled by the path planning system, which also provides the necessary direction to safely remove the object from the path of neighbouring objects.

The bin-picking system is ideal for procedures that require the repeated and rapid removal of components from boxes or containers that will then be processed and packed. A good example of this is the logistics industry, which uses equipment to transport cartons, parcels and envelopes.
Thanks to its extensive experience in these fields and its strong partnership with KUKA and Mech-Mind, Technica can supply and integrate turnkey vision-guided robotic systems.

In order to quickly palletise and depalletise consumer goods, KUKA Robotics included another demonstration with its KMP 600-S diffDrive mobile robot working in tandem with a KR IONTEC robot in a Mujin cell at the ProMat 2023 manufacturing, distribution and supply chain equipment and systems event. The compartment featured a Mujin controller and camera system to coordinate the robot’s movement.

The fast KUKA KMP 600-S diffDrive automated guided vehicle (AGV) dolly system, which makes use of laser scanners and 3D object identification, meets the highest safety standards. It requires no safety fencing and can transport loads of up to 600 kilograms. Should cycle times require it, front and rear laser scanners ensure safe operation at high speeds in all directions.

The KUKA KR IONTEC medium payload robot is the most adaptable robot in its class and has the largest working envelope. It can be handled, packed and palletised for fast and efficient stacking. The robot is suitable for virtually any production environment and features protected motors, a dust- and water-resistant inline wrist, and KUKA’s experienced service and support for training, comprehensive system engineering and simulation, easily accessible spare parts, robot reconditioning and much more.

KUKA offers expert service and support for training, engineering and simulation of complete systems, spare parts, robot reconditioning and other KUKA automation solutions. To provide efficient customer service and support, KUKA has corporate offices, production facilities and integration partner facilities throughout North America.

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