Yaskawa America, Inc.’s Motoman robotics division (Yaskawa Motoman) and Rapid Robotics have announced a new combination to enhance the industrial capabilities of the Rapid Machine Operator (RMO). As a result, RMO will be able to meet the diverse demands of North American manufacturers by offering increased speed, payload capacity and performance.
Rapid Robotics has sought to democratise automation in the face of a severe labour crisis by fusing cutting-edge computer vision, artificial intelligence and spontaneous learning with as-a-service qualities that include cloud connectivity, monthly leasing and 24/7 support.
Due to the integration of Yaskawa‘s portfolio into the company’s solution set, companies in need of an industrial-sized solution that could not automate in the past due to conventional constraints such as cost, rigidity or lengthy implementations may now have the opportunity.
The relationship with Rapid Robotics, according to Chris Caldwell, Product Manager at Yaskawa Motoman, “opens the door to automation for organisations that have historically found it impossible or daunting to employ robotic solutions”. Rapid Robotics’ modern AI simplifies the delegation of tedious or dangerous tasks away from its human staff, freeing them to do more meaningful work.
Rapid Robotics’ modular approach to work cell architecture contributes to the rapid deployment of its products. Using this strategy, Yaskawa industrial robots optimised with robust capabilities avoid interference with peripheral equipment and require less installation space.
With the same versatility as Rapid Robotics’ collaborative robot (cobot) solution, this redesigned work cell includes a state-of-the-art mobile robot pedestal with flexible accessories.
Due to their complexity and the significant safety precautions required, industrial robotic arms have historically been more difficult and time-consuming to implement than their cobot equivalents, especially outside of mass production contexts. Rapid Robotics’ industrial RMO offers the increased payload, speed and reach of a typical industrial arm, while meeting all safety standards and providing the full flexibility of a cobot solution.
According to Jordan Kretchmer, CEO and co-founder of Rapid Robotics, “Since our inception in 2019, Rapid Robotics has been dedicated to providing manufacturers with a comprehensive workforce solution in the form of affordable, low-risk automation.” “We are now more poised than ever to achieve that goal thanks to our partnership with Yaskawa Motoman and their extensive background in the industry.”

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