ABB—a leader in robotic automation—has recently introduced a new solution for press care: the IRB 760PT. This robot has expanded upon the feature set and range of the previous model, the IRB 760. 

IRB 760PT is a flexible press maintenance solution for press automation applications in the automotive industry. Compared to other robot-based press automation solutions, its cycle time is reduced by 25%!

Continue reading to learn more interesting facts about the new ABB IRB 760PT.

A Brief Introduction to the new AB IRB 760PT

In order to suppress the risk of potential interruptions between the manipulator and the press, the IRB 760PT is optimized on the fourth axis of the manipulator to minimize interference. This allows the robot to carry out its tasks while it avoids tripping over other external devices such as pressure clamps.  

Main Features of the ABB IRB 760PT

The following are some major benefits of ABB’s new, advanced robotic solution:

  • The robot functions in its fourth axis without sacrificing the efficiency of the productive area or robotic performance. 
  • It has a load capacity of up to 450 kg and a range of 3.18 meters. It has a production rate of up to 16 pieces per minute Press care robots with faster cycle times greatly increase productivity. 
  • It can handle loads of up to 450 kg. 
  • It can switch tools automatically and reprogram itself to quickly process new products. 
  • You can also combine two IRB 760PT robots to work in series on 10 axes. 

Uses of the ABB IRB 760PT

The IRB 760FX version (IRB 760PT is used in conjunction with the 7th linear axis or Twin Xbar system to avoid the repositioning of parts between successive stamping operations. 

By investing in dedicated press automation, you can optimize the available space and save costs. This is a press care solution with increased flexibility, speed and reliability. It can easily adapt to changes in today’s market.

The Stampware Software

It has ABB StampWare software provided on the FlexPendant to achieve greater flexibility, cost effectiveness and adaptability. StampWare includes a graphical programming wizard that helps instruct robot operators and programmers to get robotic equipment up and running faster. The IRB 760PT is also protected by RobotCare, which includes ABB’s interconnection service. 

Direct Maintenance and Robot Management

The ABB’s team of specialists can monitor the robot and make maintenance recommendations that lead to further optimization of productive performance. The robust design of the IRB 760PT offers a longer useful life and better internal wiring, minimizing maintenance costs, reducing cost of ownership, and meeting the requirements of the automotive industry.

Antti Matinlauri, Director of Product Management at ABB Robotics explained, “We have strengthened our press automation portfolio with our fastest press care robot. Our new IRB 760PT not only offers optimized speed and die interference in press care applications, it is also a flexible and reliable solution that can be quickly implemented and can be easily reused to handle changing future requirements.

This type of solution confirms the speed of advances in the different technological areas, allowing us to guarantee a better quality product with safer and more guaranteed processes.


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