Sources of Energy for Welding Robotics

One of the goals of many companies when deciding to acquire a good welding system is their power supply. One of the leading brands in this area is the Austrian company, Fronius International GmbH, that has been specializing in automation systems and products as well as welding technology services since 1950. Fronius has been a pioneer in energy and cost saving technology; it is a suitable supplier for the automotive industry and other industries that demand high quality standards.

Fronius develops more complete, cost-effective and specific solutions for the client, such as mechanized arc welding, and they have complex and varied areas of application. The Fronius welding technology is known around the world, as it improves production systems in an intelligent and efficient way, with shorter welding cycles and a huge reduction in costs that guarantees maximum profitability, thus providing a competitive edge.

It currently offers solutions such as:

  • Manual MIG/MAG welding: with power supplies for TPS/I welding, TRANSPULS SYNERGIC, TRANSSTEEL.
  • MMA Welding Rectifiers: TRANSPOCKET,
  • Robotic MIG/MAG welding: push systems, pushpull systems, powerdrive system, cmt twin, laserhybrid, timetwin.
  • Robotic TIG welding: Arctig
  • Plasma: Plasma
  • Resistance spot welding: Deltaspot, Deltacon

The Fronius welding energy sources have been developed and produced by Fronius using state-of-the-art technology. Each of the previous automation solutions in energy sources proposes different models depending on the requirements of the applications and their clients.

Fronius not only develops these robotic energy systems, but also has a new service: a software that allows for the management of the functions and capabilities of welding systems, called Weldcube. This software allows data to be documented and analyzed, guiding the most relevant information by putting it in a clear format for users, thus achieving faster work in an intuitive and flexible way. With the arrival of Industry 4.0, production processes have managed to become faster and more reliable, even the smallest production benefits from optimizing its profitability with a high range of quality. This versatile platform records the welding system’s data during its useful life. Combined with the Fronius welding solution, TPS/I, it is viable to create, edit, compare and even extract the data in different file formats and then analyze it individually.

WeldCube contributes to the development of manufacturing by improving processes and reducing costs, while always maintaining optimum quality.

We are always on the lookout for new innovations, trying to improve and correct failures whether in the control or storage of data, communication or security.

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