Yaskawa Electric Corp based in Japan; surprises us with a new collaborative robotic arm with the ability to handle 20 kg, with protective characteristics against dust and dripping.

Due to the shortage of skilled labor, the search for flexible production solutions has increased. Collaborative Robots or Cobots have proven that they can work together with humans. Currently, robotic models are at the forefront of technology. which allows them to operate and program more easily without the need for security equipment such as fences.

However, security issues are still being monitored for final tools, load capacity, and work areas. This design provides the ability to automate with robots in applications where it was not possible to use them.

The body of the cobot is wrapped in a layer of acrylic urethane, with stainless steel for the flange of the tip, the axes of the robot arm comply with the standards of protection against dust and dripping of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC); allowing the robot to be used in food handling and can be washed to perform required cleaning, a study by Research & Markets predicts that the food handling robot market will experience a compound annual growth rate of 12.7% to reach $ 3.1 billion by 2025.

Among the improvements that Yaskawa added is a small footprint to the HC20DT, including a connector for direct attachment of arm end tools. In addition to this, he developed a built-in Ethernet cable to facilitate the mounting of a camera. All to present a solution to the diverse needs of the client. This new intelligent collaborative robot is the answer to a great need to transport heavy parts working in teams with human operators that exceed the capacity of 20 kg.

Some time ago Yaskawa commented that he planned to sell collaborative robots with a degree of protection IP67 for environments where there are excess dust and liquids, suitable for assembling, packing, sorting small parts, etc. where capacity and resistance will be optimized.

The HC20DT is intended for use in more than one process such as the simultaneous transport of heavy parts, it can even be integrated into automotive production lines, machine care; automotive manufacturing and assembly; and transportation of food, chemicals or cosmetics.

This robotic model is compatible with the YRC1000micro controller. This robot has a direct teaching function that makes intuitive manipulation possible that facilitates its operation and programming for those who are not very related to this type of technology.

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