The 13-position tool changer in pre-machining KUKA cell4 gives foundries more time and flexibility. In deburring, sawing, edging or grinding, the continuous collaboration between the robot, the actuator and the motorized spindle minimizes the number of important manual jobs.

One build cell, variety of options – KUKA cell4 pre-machining was designed for the manufacturing industry and can process up to 600 kg of deliberate components. It does not matter if the components are made of aluminum, gray wrought iron or steel. Cell4 pre-machining is very versatile as a deburring, milling or grinding cell. This is also undeniable due to base frame forklift compatibility – it can be easily installed and incorporated into current jobsite manufacturing lines.

Smart solutions for deburring

“The KUKA cell4_premachining will reduce cycle times by up to fifty percent and save up to 75 percent on tooling costs,” says Steffen Jacobi, Product Manager at KUKA. “This is because a changer allows the cell to exchange and use totally different tools fully automatically.” In a single configuration, up to thirteen tools can deburr, drill, grind chimney cracks or cut risers. The benefit is that transport distances are kept to a minimum and flexibility is maximized. No more machining stations appear to be needed.

Multiple safety systems and teams monitor tool management, ensuring that neither the worker nor the machine is in danger. In addition, the robot detects when the tool becomes dull: the KUKA KR QUANTEC nano adjusts the feed by detecting variations in the speed of movement. If necessary, the tool is sharpened to the last point.

The central clamping unit and easy programming make work easy. The robot cleans totally different items in minimal setup time. This is where intelligence meets power: the KR QUANTEC nano scores with its rigid mechanics and also measures vibrations. Before the system shifts to a vital variation for the tool, the golem counters it. Another advantage is that the central clamping unit, the KUKA 3-axis actuator, optimally aligns the elements with the machining tool, without the clamping arms or clamps obstructing the robot.

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