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SEF SR25 Robot Teach Pendant PHG VERS1B

Teach Pendant suitable for SEF SR25 Robot

SEF Control Board 5E1537

SEF Control IBS-M/S Board 5E1528

SEF Control CPU30ZB Board 5E1540

SEF Control FD 3.5 Floppy Disk Unit 5E1325

SEF Control VME-NT Board 5E1502

SEF Control DCV Board 5E1538

SEF Control U2 Unit 26.80.23.FF

SEF Control U1 Unit 26.80.22.IF

SEF Control PM1 Unit 26.80.10.F

sef sr25 roboter robot

6 axis complete electromechanical unit, 2043 mm horizontal reach (radius) and 25 kg payload. Compatible with VRS2 controller

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