In the world of robotics, the ABB company has recently launched its latest robot model, the IRB 1090. This new robot has been specifically designed to improve the skills of students in the field of robotics and automation. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the IRB 1090 robot and how it can contribute to student learning.

Characteristics of the IRB 1090 robot

ABB‘s IRB 1090 robot is a six-axis industrial robot that offers a wide range of features and functionality. Some of the notable features include:

High precision and speed: The IRB 1090 robot is equipped with high-performance motors that allow it to perform precise and fast movements. This makes it an ideal tool for high precision and speed tasks.

Payload and reach: The IRB 1090 robot has a maximum payload of 5 kg and a reach of 900 mm. This means it can handle objects of different sizes and weights, making it versatile for a variety of applications.

Intuitive programming interface: The IRB 1090 robot comes with an intuitive programming interface that makes it easy for students to learn how to program and control the robot. This allows them to experiment and develop their skills in a practical environment.

Advanced Safety System: ABB has integrated several safety features into the IRB 1090 robot to ensure the protection of students during use. These features include collision sensors and emergency stop.

Benefits for students

ABB’s IRB 1090 robot offers a number of benefits for students looking to develop their skills in robotics and automation. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Hands-on learning: With the IRB 1090 robot, students have the opportunity to learn hands-on and experiment with programming and controlling real industrial robots. This helps them better understand theoretical concepts and apply them in a real environment.


  • Industry Preparation: By gaining experience using the IRB 1090 robot, students are preparing for future careers in the robotics and automation industry. The skills acquired with this robot are highly valued by employers.


  • Collaboration and teamwork: The use of the IRB 1090 robot encourages collaboration and teamwork among students. To control the robot efficiently, you need to work together and communicate effectively, which develops important skills for the work environment.


  • Exploring new applications: The IRB 1090 robot allows students to explore and develop new applications in the field of robotics and automation. This encourages creativity and innovation, and gives them the opportunity to make significant contributions to this ever-evolving field.

The use of the ABB IRB 1090 robot significantly encourages collaboration between students. Here I will explain how:

  • Teamwork: To efficiently control the IRB 1090 robot, it is necessary for students to work as a team. This involves communicating effectively, coordinating your efforts, and distributing tasks equitably. By working together, students learn to collaborate and leverage individual strengths to achieve a common goal.
  • Role division: When using the IRB 1090 robot, students can be assigned different roles within the team. Some may be responsible for programming, while others are responsible for controlling and supervising the robot. This division of roles promotes collaboration, as each team member contributes their specific skills and knowledge.
  • Group Problem Solving: While using the IRB 1090 robot, challenges and problems are likely to arise. These challenges can be solved more effectively through collaboration and collective thinking. Students can discuss and analyze problems together, bringing different perspectives and possible solutions. This encourages collaboration and collaborative learning.
  • Effective communication: The use of the IRB 1090 robot requires clear and effective communication between team members. During the control and programming process, students must communicate to coordinate the robot’s movements and ensure everyone is on the same page. This effective communication not only improves collaboration, but also develops communication skills important for the work environment.

In summary, the use of the IRB 1090 robot encourages collaboration among students by promoting teamwork, division of roles, group problem solving, and effective communication. These skills are essential in the workplace and prepare students for future careers in the robotics and automation industry.

ABB’s IRB 1090 robot is a powerful tool to enhance students’ skills in the field of robotics and automation. With its advanced features and significant benefits, this robot offers students a hands-on learning experience and prepares them for future careers in the industry. If you are a student interested in robotics, ABB‘s IRB 1090 robot is definitely an option to consider.

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